Florian Baumberger and Magnus Fischer

Florian Baumberger is Senior Manager Technical Service. He joined ABB Turbocharging in 2009 after his studies at the University of Applied Science (ZHAW) in Zurich, Switzerland, starting as a design engineer and project leader in the medium-speed segment, where he was involved in turbine cleaning equipment development. He is specialized in turbocharging of four- stroke engines and is responsible for the technical service support of Hyundai four-stroke and Caterpillar MAK applications. Magnus Fischer is Head of the fluid mechanics group at ABB Turbo- charging’s technology department. He holds a PhD in mechanical engi- neering from the ETH Zurich. Magnus Fischer joined ABB Turbocharging in 2009, where he started as an R & D engineer in the fluid mechanics group. He is responsible for the lay- out and design of the cleaning nozzles for radial and axial turbines.

Articles by Florian Baumberger and Magnus Fischer